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Meet Sarah Heeley, Bars Facilitator & CFMW,


As a dynamic body-worker for the past 13 years, Sarah combines the beauty of massage therapy with her energetic capacities using Reiki and Access Consciousness tools to fully engage with and connect with her clients.  Sarah has honed her skill of tuning into the energy of what the body requires and is willing to receive, in order to create more ease for each body she encounters. Her approach creates a very balanced and nurturing experience for clients, allowing each person to leave feeling connected to their own body and being. 

In an Empowerment Coaching Session with Sarah, you'll be asked questions, offered tools, and given a chance to clear things that are sticking you. Sarah offers tools that empower you to connect you with what you know. What if you are the expert on you? What if you know more than you think you do? 

You'll find that when you work with Sarah your whole being is acknowledged.

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Blissful Body - Quiet Mind Sessions


Do you include your body in your healing journy? Or do you judge the heck out of it and wonder why you feel so awful? What if 90 minutes of nurturing and caring for your body is the kickstart to nurturing you your body has been asking for? 

90 Minute Session Includes: 

45 Min Intuitive Massage 

30 Min Access™ Bars Session

15 Min Coaching using the tools of Access Consciousness 

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Massage/Bars Combo Sessions


In an intuitive massage session the Sarah communicates with you & your body to discover where to work, and what will work best for your body. Sometimes it's a gentle Swedish massage and other times it's a rigorous deep tissue/sports massage or a combination of both.  Each session is custom tailored to your individual needs. No one sessions looks or feels the same.  

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Access Consciousness Bars™ Sessions


The Access Consciousness Bars™, is a gentle hands on body process where points on your head are lightly touched helping the body to relax, allow your brain waves to slow down and allows your body to receive.  Would you like to reduce your stress, get out of the constant adrenaline pump and fight or flight state most of us live in and have more peace and ease in your life? Consider getting your Bars run! 

Worst case scenario you feel like you've had a great massage, best case scenario your whole life can change!"

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Access Consciousness Bars™ Classes


Learn Access Bars!  I offer 1 day trainings where you can learn this life changing work.  After one day you will be a certified Bars Practitioner and can 'run Bars' on friends and family or get paid! 

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Possibility Sessions with Sarah


What if you could start to discover and know  what is true for you ? In a Possibility Session, Sarah uses questions, verbal processing and the Access Barsᵀᴹ to guide you in getting out of judgment of you, your life, your body or anything else keeping you stuck. You'll be given a set of tools that work in the moment to create a life beyond limitation, full of possibilities. What are the greatest futures you are capable of?

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"After sessions with Sarah, I always feel much lighter and brighter."

"Working with Sarah has offered me tremendous opportunity to become comfortable with myself and learn more about what is true for me. Sarah and I do weekly private coaching sessions while she is actively running my Bars. We talk through things that are going on that I am unsure of, and I am able to bring up anything that runs through my stream of consciousness. After a session with Sarah, I always feel much lighter and brighter. Every time I have my 'Bars run,' I feel extremely energetic and recharged. This, combined with progressive coaching sessions have been the relaxation treatment I've always looked for! After continual sessions with Sarah I found myself shifting in the way that I treated myself. I have found a confidence inside me that speaks up when something feels like it might not be right for me, and am able to make choices that best fit me. When difficult scenarios come my way, I am better equipped with the tools I need for ME to figure out what works. Being someone who battles anxiety and depression, Sarah helps me accept these things as just being another part of me! Sarah's non-judgmental assistance to my life has greatly improved my well-being and happiness!"

-Maggie Norris

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